«Routes of the Olive Tree»

ANIMA TERRA is a network of agricultura lvillages in Greece and the Mediterranean that are threatened by depopulation. It is a continuation of the initiative of the Cultural Organization " Routes of the Olive Tree" which began in 1998 in Kalamata, Greece, initiated by the then President of the Chamber of Messinia, George Karabatos, with the support of Greek Chambers and the Mediterranean. Today, it is recognized as a global cultural route for intercultural dialogue for Peace and Sustainable Development (UNESCO 2003, Council of Europe 2005, under the auspices of KEEE).
The "Routes of the Olive Tree" an independent, non-governmental, non-profit organization, does not seek funding from state entities for the implementation of its activities. Its income is based on the contributions of friends, companions, supporters, and the activities of the network of cultural routes of the Council of Europe.
We resist the economic downturn that limits the possibilities of action, leading to the depopulation of villages - the core of local traditions in some places - and condemns vulnerable social groups to disappearance.
We believe in the potential of the Chamber community and civil society organizations to strengthen cooperation and agricultural entrepreneurship within the framework of social solidarity and circular economy.
We carry out the cultural routes "Routes of the Olive Tree" with the aim of highlighting the intangible and material culture of Greece and the broader Mediterranean region.
For more information about the cultural routes "Routes of the Olive Tree" please visit the website olivetreeroute.gr


The chamber initiative Anima Terra is supported and funded with the participants’ own resource sand coordinated by the cultural organization “Routes of the Olive Tree” the inspirer of the idea, is an independent, non- governmental, non-profit organization with international recognition from UNESCO in 2003 and the Council of Europe in 2005 as a cultural route for intercultural dialogue for peace and sustainable development. We do not seek funding from government entities for the implementation of our activities, our income comes from companions, supporters, publications, and cultural activities within the framework of the cultural routes of the Council of Europe.

Why with Own Resources:

The self-funding of the Chamber initiative ANIMA TERRA demonstrates the strong belief of the participants in its mission and success. We also
believe that by self-funding, ANIMA TERRA:

  • Ensures complete flexibility and dedication to our mission.
  • Demonstrates our commitment to independence and transparency.
  • Strengthens the local community and private initiative.
  • Reflects our self-commitment to integrity and authenticity.