The Chamber Initiative ANIMA TERRA in Selva, Mallorca, Spain

NEWS RELEASE- November 2023

In a glamorous event held on November 18, 2023, the chamber initiative ANIMA TERRA was presented to the public of Selva, Mallorca, Spain. The event, which coincided with World Olive Tree Day celebration, included the presentation of the book “THE OLIVE TREE”, written by Dr. Marinella Katsileri with photographs by Oscar PIPKIN Ambassador of the Rootes Of The Olive Tree in Mallorca and Director of the UNESCO office in Mallorca, Spain.

This important event also marked the opening ceremony of the 2nd “Olive Grove of Peace”, by George Karambatos Executive Director of the cultural organization “Rootes Of The Olive Tree” and initiator of the idea.

The 1st “Olive Grove of Peace” is located in the courtyard of Nestor’s Palace in the municipality of Pylos – Nestoros in Messinia, highlighting the importance of the olive tree as a symbol of peace and culture.

The event in Selva was an important milestone for ANIMA TERRA, as it combined the cultural approach with the love and respect for nature and the olive, thus strengthening the international footprint of the initiative.