Participation of Institutions

Participants in the development

ANIMA TERRA is the driving force behind the prosperity of agriculturalvillages.
Through the promotion of local entrepreneurship, the creation of job opportunities, and the boosting of demand for local products, we contribute to the economic and social upgrading of villages.
ANIMA TERRA can promote economic development in agricultural villages by promoting local entrepreneurship, creating new jobs and increasing the demand for local products and services. This development can benefit the local community and contribute to the economic development of the wider area.

Social responsibility

ANIMA TERRA unites market forces with chambers, scientific and academic institutions, the school community, thus forming a strong alliance for the revitalization of agriculturalcommunities.


This cooperation is based on shared responsibility and recognition of their role in the development and protection of villages, even when the villages are not located in their area. Being associated with a project that promotes social and environmental benefits can enhance the image and reputation of the entity.

Shared values

ANIMA TERRA aligns with the values of the Chamber institution because:

It promotes innovation, sustainable development, entrepreneurship, exports, job creation, environmental protection and any initiative that benefits the national economy.

Networking and collaboration

Participation in ANIMA TERRA opens doors to networking and collaborations with various actors, creating opportunities for new initiative and business partnerships.

Long-term benefits

Through initiatives such as the cultural route “Routes of the Olive Tree” of the Council of Europe, and other good practices in addressing climate change, ANIMA TERRA contributes to the sustainable development of the network’s villages and the preservation of their rich heritage

The Chambers in Greece participate in ANIMA TERRA and invite the chamber community of the Mediterranean to participate in the initiative.

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ANIMA TERRA: Timeless renewal for green agricultural villages, lighting up the Mediterranean.

Participating entities:

Chambers that have declared the first candidate villages for participation in the ANIMA TERRA .network