ANIMA TERRA – The Birth of an Idea for the Revitalization of Agricultural Villages and Countryside

NEWS RELEASE – October 2021

The idea of “ANIMA TERRA” was born from the observations of the travelers of the “Routes of the Olive Tree” in remote agricultural villages of Greece and the Mediterranean. There, the continuous decline in population and the deterioration of the quality of life necessitated action against depopulation. This ambitious initiative aims to create local cultural routes and a time-honored tool of best practices, with the goal of strengthening communities and developing sustainable models of agricultural economy.

This endeavor requires collaboration among institutional bodies, workers, and the scientific community, aiming to empower the local and national economy. The name “ANIMA TERRA,” meaning “Alive Land” or “Revitalized Land,” was chosen to capture the inspiration and essence of our initiative, bringing life and growth to threatened areas.

ANIMA TERRA: Villages celebrate like in the old days!!!