Anima Terra – The Beginning: Presentation to the Chambers

PRESS RELEASE – December 2022

In December 2022, we embarked on an informative journey to Greek chambers and other institutional bodies to present the initiative “ANIMA TERRA” We met with presidents and representatives from across Continental Greece and some islands, with additional telephone communications. Significant meetings were held with Mr. Ioannis Masoutis (KEEE), George Stasinos (TEE), Konstantinos Kollia (OEE), Alexandros Vasilikos (XEE), Giannis Panagopoulos (GSEE), George Kavvathas (GSEVEE), George Karannika (ESEE), Grigoris Tassios (POX), Christos Bouras (Rector of the University of Patras), and others.

During these visits we explained the idea and its importance for a green Greece and the national economy, emphasizing the need for collaboration among all stakeholders. The response was positive, and all bodies decided to support the initiative, even with their own resources, given that there is no funding from the EU or the Greek governement. The initiative was considered significant for local agricultural communities and the promotion of green development in Greece.