Certification of the Chamber Initiative ANIMA TERRA in the Xironomi Community of Boeotia

NEWS RELEASE – July 2023

Xironomi, Boeotia – In a significant event held at the community center of Xironomi, the chamber initiative ANIMA TERRA was officially presented to the public for the first time. The event, organized by the Boeotia Chamber in collaboration with the local cultural association of Xironomi and the Cultural Organization “Routes of the Olive Tree” aimed to highlight the philosophy and goals of ANIMA TERRA, which seeks to revitalize the agricultura lvillages of Greece.

The event was officially greeted by the President of the Boeotia Chamber and the General Secretary of Union of Hellenic Chambers of Commerce (KEEE), Mr. Panagiotis Agniadis, the President of the Association of Xironomi, Mr. Konstantinos Nikas, and the journalist-author Mr. Lambros Rodis, who also coordinated the event. Georgios Karabatos, presenting the initiative, emphasized the importance of revitalizingagricultural areas through actions that showcase the country’s rich cultural and agricultural heritage.

The event ended with a celebration in the village square, where participants had the opportunity to taste local gastronomy, enjoy local products and participate in a party with traditional music and dances. The event was a success, connecting the local community and authorities for a common purpose: the promotion and utilization of the rich cultural heritage of Boeotia.