Participating Entities:

A New Breath of life

In the beautiful corners of the Mediterranean, where timeless traditions blend with unique landscapes, a powerful initiative is unfolding.
Villages, often forgotten in the echo of urbanization, defy the possibilities of depopulation, breathing new life into their communities through their participation in the ANIMA TERRA network.

Our heritage is our responsibility

The effort to revitalize agricultural villages is not only made for reasons of economic, environmental and national importance.
It is a commitment to future generations: To maintain our roots, our traditions and our communities so that we can pass on this rich heritage that is at risk of being lost.

Protection and development

We believe in the powerful role that agricultural village development can play in reversing the depopulation of communities. We enhance sustainable development through the maintenance of cultural heritage, the adoption of ecotourism, a socially and mutually supportive economy, and the cultivation of entrepreneurship.

Projection and communication

We are addressing an audience of 450 million tourists who visit the Mediterranean countries every year. We showcase the environment, local traditions, activities and innovations of ANIMA TERRA network members.

Development tools

The network identifies best practices, develops guidelines, policy recommendations, information and expertise. We build partnerships with other villages, institutions, organizations, civil society organizations & businesses to provide access to resources, knowledge & markets for local products and services.

Join the network

The ANIMA TERRA network connects agricultural villages, institutions and sponsors actively involved in it, providing opportunities for interaction, collaboration and projection across the Mediterranean.

The Chamber Initiative ANIMA TERRA in Selva, Mallorca, Spain

NEWS RELEASE- November 2023 In a glamorous event held on November 18, 2023, the chamber initiative ANIMA TERRA was presented to the public of Selva, Mallorca, Spain. The event, which coincided with World Olive Tree Day celebration, included the presentation of the book "THE OLIVE TREE", written by Dr. Marinella Katsileri with photographs by Oscar…
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ANIMA TERRA and the Central Union of Chambers of Greece

PRESS RELEASE – March 2023 The collaboration between the ANIMA TERRA initiative and the Union of Hellenic Chambers of Commerce (KEEE), led by its President, Mr. Ioannis Masoutis, marks a significant stage in the initiative' s development. The Board of Directors of KEEE unanimously decided to support ANIMA TERRA, placing it under its auspices. The…
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